Clinical Veterinary Technician

St. George’s University invites applicants
for the position of
Clinical Veterinary Technician
within the School of Veterinary Medicine.

Special note to applicants:
Review of applicants will be ongoing until a suitable candidate is identified

The following documentation is required in support of your application:

1. A portfolio of creative works relevant to the position in pdf format, including links.

2.A summary of your experience with diversity in the laboratory and/or in your past or planned research endeavors, any experience mentoring diverse students or community outreach initiatives, and an explanation of how you will advance our goals of inclusive excellence.


The technicians of St George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine are dedicated to upholding the mission of providing an international, culturally diverse environment in which students learn the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for graduate training in the Veterinary profession.

The veterinary technician is the primary support to the veterinarians and patients. He/she must be able to pay attention to detail, respond quickly and calmly to crisis, and maintain very high standards of patient care.

Essential Functions

The CVT is responsible, as part of a team, for the technical organization of the Surgery/Anesthesia lab and other clinical skills related labs.

Instructional Activities:
• Update faculty and students on patient admissions and daily status
• Assist faculty and students in surgery/anesthesia and other related skills laboratories

Patient Care and Technical Skills:
• Assist clinicians and students with proper restraint and care of patients
• Have basic skills in IV catheter placement, animal handling and restraint, and phlebotomy
• Have a knowledge of veterinary terminology, veterinary pharmacology, and animal behavior
• Understand and know normal vital parameters
• Routine laboratory analyses, including hematology, serology, blood chemistry, urinalysis, fecals, skin scrapings and urinary catheter placement
• Administer oral drugs, wound dressings, and fluid therapy, as directed and under the supervision of a faculty member.
• Oversee care of patients, proper entering of information in records, administration of medication, cleaning, feeding, and watering.
• Assist in teaching students in performing the above techniques as instructed by the Course Director/s
• Ensure that all in house procedures including: pre- and post-op care, surgical dressings, catheterizations, anesthesia, etc. are carried out safely and in accordance with scientifically sound knowledge
• Clean cages when needed and supervise student care of patients

Supplemental activities
• In addition to teaching in the VSL/JSAL laboratories for the DVM program, the technician may be required to support departmental teaching in the graduate program
• Assist in maintaining laboratory diagnostic equipment
• Care for emergency cart
• Care and maintenance of related surgery/anesthesia equipment
• Maintain inventory of all medications and supplies organizing the ordering of supplies for each term for timely submission of requisitions
• Perform other job-related duties as assigned by the Department Chair and/or Course Director/s

• Participate in the following University activities:

o Departmental Reviews (as required)

o Outreach efforts in the local community (i.e. OHOM)

Essential Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
• Oral and written, plus interpersonal communication skills
• Initiative, work beyond the job description, pride in your work and a desire to learn and excel
• Willingness to receive work direction from others and function as a team player
• Being proactive and finding ways to make the day run smoothly and efficiently
• Must have a positive attitude and must be a team player
• Enjoy multi-tasking, organizing, and prioritizing
• Be compassionate and deliver exceptional care to VSL/JSAL patients
• Willingness to learn, an openness to trying new things, a friendly and approachable disposition, and a strong work ethic.

Work Environment/Physical Demands

  • 40 hours work week, Monday through Friday
  • Overtime work will be as is required
  • No travel is expected for this position


  • Undergraduate Degree in Natural Science | Associate Degree or equivalent in Natural Sciences
  • Veterinary Nurse or Registered Nurse |CVT certification
  • 3 years of experience as CVA, or a similar position

We Are
Student Centric: We approach every task with a focus on supporting our students to achieve their lifelong learning goals in a safe, vibrant and welcoming environment.
A Global Community: We are one team with an international outlook welcoming the strength in our diversity and the value each of us brings to what we do.
Accountable: We take responsibility for our actions by being responsive, resourceful and respectful in delivering on our commitments with integrity and the highest ethical standards.
Collaborative: We support and empower one another through open communications, cooperation, sharing knowledge and taking time to always listen and show we care.
Committed to Excellence: We take pride in our ongoing pursuit for continuous improvement through creativity, rigor and best practices to produce meaningful outcomes.

St. George’s University is an equal opportunity employer. As such, it is company policy to fill positions with qualified candidates regardless of race, color, sex (including sexual orientation and gender presentation), age, religion, ancestry, national origin, citizenship status, pregnancy, marital status, medical condition, genetic information, disability, veteran status or status as a victim of domestic violence, except where there is a bona fide occupational qualification. This policy protects applicants and employees from discrimination in the hiring process.