Cas en Bas Beach Resort is a luxury lifestyle destination resort located at Cas en Bas Bay in north St. Lucia, opening in spring 2024. Featuring 96 modern condo hotel rooms, a 50m swimming pool, restaurant, cafe, sports bar, beach club and world-class excursions, the resort brings vibrant signature programming and personalized experiential hospitality to St. Lucia.

Grounded in our Purpose to ” care for People so they can be their Best, ” a Hyatt General Manager is responsible for bring ing this Purpose to life through the execution and delivery of the Hyatt brand and brand experience s across all stakeholders: guests, colleagues, customers, owners , and communities.

With passion, care, and a strong work ethic, Hyatt General Managers actively and consistently engage all stakeholders to listen, learn , and lead a diverse team focused on building brand loyalty and cultivating positive guest experience s .

This Position Overview is designed to provide transparency into the role and encourage development and career planning for those pursuing a career as a General Manager.

Hyatt General Man a ger s are the embodiment of the Hyatt brand experience and culture as it relates to customers, guests, colleagues , and owners . Hyatt General Managers are accountable to:

  • O versee the overall strategy, performance and profitability of the property: ensuring that it is operating with excellence.
  • A lign with Hyatt’s core values to maximize revenue and profit opportunities and e nsur e the efficient and effective management of the property asset .
  • With integrity and in alignment with our Leader ship Expectations, l ead a diverse team t o build the trust of others in all interactions and cultivate a positive guest and colleague experience .
  • Continuously find ways to improve all areas of the property and remain flexible in rapidly changing environments .
  • Bring Hyatt’s values to life for the benefit of colleagues, guests, customers and owners by demonstrating excellence in all aspects of the guest experience and overall performance of the hotel .

Operations& Business Acumen

  • Effectively manage owners’ assets with an on-going focus on maximizing returns and identifying the value proposition that Hyatt delivers as a management company .
  • Develop, execute, and evolve a multi-year property level business strategy with focus on brand positioning.
  • Maintain and build a positive and effective relationship with the property ownership on behalf of Hyatt.
  • Understand and utilize data insights to inform strong business cases for decisions.
  • Understand property financials, including departmental P&Ls and p rovide oversight of ongoing financial reporting, forecasting, and planning.
  • Challenge and improve current practices and environment to meet the quality expectation of guests and customers .
  • Optimize the overall sales and revenue management strategy to capture growth and deliver long term profitability.
  • Maintain a pristine and well – maintained facility to preserve ownership’s asset value.
  • Lead the capital planning process and utilization of the owner’s capital to fund property improvements over time.
  • Embrace technology and digital initiatives to drive property performance and connectivity to guests and colleagues.
  • Ensure the safety of colleagues & guests.
  • Ensure property operations, guest service, and commercial offerings are aligned to the brand.
  • Practice and promote environmental sustainability.

Experiment to Improve

  • Balance the needs and support of the property’s leaders, colleagues, guests, customers, owners, and community reputation.
  • Adapt to a changing world and envision new possibilities for generating profitand revenue growth.
  • Exhibit sound judgement and decision making.
  • Use data in day-to-day problem solving to address underperformance, test ideas, learn and accurately measure impact.
  • Balance the efficiency of existing practices with the need to adapt ; focus energy to drive change in places where there will be a meaningful financial, operational, colleague, or customer experience impact
  • A pproach challenges or new opportunities with a test and learn mindset.

Drive for Impact

  • Articulate a clear, consistent, and effective message when communicating with diverse audiences.
  • Execute a strategic vision through property leaders to drive daily tactics and execution.
  • Partner with the property’s leadership team to build accountability and achieve shared success.
  • Fix systems and processes that aren’t working well quickly and eliminate barriers to delivering a seamless and caring experience to guests , members , and customers .
  • Build a collaborative environment with cross-functional communication and engagement to drive the business forward .
  • Plan and lead in a proactive way, even i f situations are ambiguous, stressful, or unexpected situations.

Develop Diverse Talent

  • Execute Hyatt’s talent agenda and processes to recruit, hire , develop, retain , and motivate an inclusive and diverse workforce .
  • Support colleagues in understanding their role as brand ambassadors so they can deliver authentic and caring service to customers and guests .
  • Delegate skillfully and allow others to develop alternative ways of accomplishing work .
  • Coach, mentor , and develop future leaders for Hyatt .
  • Find targeted development assignments for promising talent, including opportunities that cross functional boundaries.
  • Serve as a leader in the community by engaging and collaborating with local business partners while maintaining a positive brand reputation.
  • Build a diverse talent pipeline.
  • Measure and improve colleague engagement.

Champion s Hyatt’s Purpose & Culture

  • Promote and role model Hyatt`s values (empathy, integrity, respect, inclusion, experimentation, and wellbeing).
  • Truly listen to others (both colleagues and guests), imagine their experience with empathy, and respond with compassion.
  • Cultivate an inclusive workplace rooted in fairness and respect where all colleagues feel valued for who they are and are encouraged to actively participate in their property’s culture and success.
  • Help colleagues and people leaders balance competing demands and prioritize self care so they can be their best selves.
  • Be open and honest and treat others with appreciation .
  • Demonstrate open-mindedness and embrace different perspectives.
  • Maintain the highest level of ethical conduct as expected by all stakeholders.


  • Experience working as a hotel General Manager in the Caribbean, with knowledge of operating an internationally branded hotel in the Caribbean and preferably St. Lucia, as it relates to hotel operations; finances; employee & safety compliance; applicability of GDPR to guest and personnel matters.
  • Minimum 5+ years experience as a General Manager required.
  • Previous Opening Resort Experience preferred in a senior property leadership role (e.g. Hotel Manager, General Manager).
  • Bachelor’s degree in related field.
  • Prior “Lifestyle” hotel leadership experience preferred.
  • Marketing savvy, with experience in crafting and driving creative programming, branding, and marketing strategies.
  • Experience managing multiple daylife and nightlife venues.
  • Experience in managing a robust indoor and outdoor activities program.
  • Business acumen and forward-thinking approach to cost cutting initiatives, seasonal scheduling efficiencies, short- and long-term goal planning, budgeting, forecasting and profit/loss analysis, capital projects, and facilities management.
  • Possess a lead-from-the-front mentality, constantly staying engaged with his/her team, serving as ambassador to the property and brand.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, with the ability to establish and maintain positive relationships with: Ownership; Corporate; hotel’s management, employees, clients, and vendors; and the community.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and calmly handle challenges in the workplace, proposing corrective solutions when identifying challenges.
  • Must possess effective verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to effectively and confidently present financials and other presentations in both oral and written form.
  • Must speak English; additional languages proficiency (particularly Creole or French) a plus.
  • Ability to work flexible schedules and be present as required by business demand levels.
  • Knowledgeable in current health and safety guidelines related to COVID-19 response management.
  • Proficient in computer systems including Microsoft Suite, PMS, POS, and other commonly used hospitality systems.
  • Legal authorization to work in St. Lucia.
  • Knowledgeable with all Saint Lucia applicable regulations and legislation, including Health, Safety & Hygiene, employment legislation and financial reporting.