Scope of Position:

Staff members are the most important asset of CPJ. Their well-being determines the organization’s productivity. One of the functions of CPJ’s HR department is focussing on understanding what people need and knowing how to provide it. The Specialist works at the operational level to manage various personnel processes that affect people at work and at home, such as resolving employee/industrial relations problems, promoting employee (mental & physical) health and well-being and, creating a wholistic environment for staff members.

Objectives of this Role
• Develop and monitor the implementation of work-life balance guidelines.
• Initiates and implement Employee Wellness Program
• Conduct research on best practices and latest thinking in the area of staff well-being; and develop new ideas and projects to better support staff well-being, engagement and productivity.
• Receive and document all accident/incident forms and escalate to HR Manager where necessary.
• Maintain a system for administrating and recording employee fringe benefits.
• Provide a non-judgmental space for staff; acts as a non-clinical counseling resource to any staff member within the company requiring non-judgmental support and assistance in resolving any personal and/or work-related problem(s).
• Develop programs designed to improve the quality of life of staff members.
• Oversee operations of the Staff Canteen and Gym including supervision of canteen staff and menu- 6 staff and a Team Lead.
• Conduct employee performance evaluations for direct reports.
• Provide confidential guidance and advice to managers on how to address, manage and prevent sexual harassment/harassment and escalate to the P&C Manager when necessary for further action.
• Maintain vendor relations with suppliers of uniforms, safety gears, cleaning supplies, gas cards etc.
• Assists the People & Culture Manager in the examination and settling of claims made on the Company.
• Handling complaints, managing grievance procedures and facilitating counselling in conjunction with other stakeholders.
• Investigating and resolving complex or critical industrial relations issues in a timely and effective manner
• Assist in the preparation of the Company’s case in matters before the Ministry of Labour

Skills and Qualifications
• Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration or its equivalent.
• Minimum 3 years’ experience in a staff welfare capacity.
• Sound knowledge of industrial and employee relations theory, principles, policies and practices, and the legislative framework within which industrial relations operates
• Local labour laws knowledge required
• Previous supervisory experience required.
• Team player
• Critical thinker and problem-solving skills
• Good time-management skills
• Great interpersonal and communication skills
• An up-to-date knowledge of Jamaica’s labour laws and regulations.
• Computer and internet savvy

Preferred Skills
• Detail-oriented and organizational nature
• Experience working with BambooHR a plus
• Demonstrated professional competence in conflict resolution, seeking fair and equitable solutions to and prevention of employment-related problems
• Ability to communicate effectively, to assess complex problems and to advise staff members
• Respect for and understanding of diversity (eg: race, gender, socio-economic background)
• Demonstrable integrity and respect for confidentiality.
• Excellent customer service skills with the ability to build appropriate professional, friendly and accessible relationships with all employees

This is a summary of the position’s requirements and does not constitute its entirety.