An employment opportunity exists at the Innovative Business Solutions – IBS Inc for the post Inventory Analyst

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Job Role & Summary

The ideal candidate should have a strong aptitude for data analysis, a keen eye for accuracy, and the ability to optimize inventory management processes. As an Inventory Analyst, you will play a critical role in maintaining optimal inventory levels, minimizing costs, and ensuring efficient supply chain operations.


1) Monitor inventory levels across multiple products and locations to ensure accurate stock levels are maintained.

2) Analyze demand forecasts, historical sales data, and market trends to predict inventory needs and prevent overstock or stockouts.

3) Collaborate with procurement and logistics teams to coordinate replenishment orders and track deliveries.

4) Regularly review and update inventory parameters such as safety stock, reorder points, and lead times to optimize inventory levels.

5) Identify slow-moving or obsolete inventory and recommend strategies for clearance or disposal.

6) Conduct regular cycle counts and physical inventory audits to reconcile discrepancies and maintain data accuracy.

7) Generate reports and data visualizations to provide insights into inventory performance, trends, and variances.

8) Work closely with cross-functional teams to improve inventory accuracy, streamline processes, and implement best practices.

9) Utilize inventory management software and tools to monitor and track inventory movements.

10) Participate in the development of inventory-related policies and procedures.

Skills & Qualification

Bachelor’s degree, ACCA Level II, ACCA CATs Certification in Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Operations, Business, or a related field.

§ Proven experience as an Inventory Analyst, Inventory Planner, or similar role.

§ Proficiency in data analysis and the use of Excel or other data analysis tools.

§ Strong understanding of inventory management principles, concepts, and methodologies.

§ Familiarity with inventory management software and systems.

§ Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

§ Ability to interpret and communicate complex data findings effectively.

§ Strong organizational and time-management skills.

§ Collaborative mindset with the ability to work in cross-functional teams.

§ Knowledge of supply chain processes and logistics is a plus.