Maintain swimmer safety, conduct rescue operations, monitor weather, opening and closing beaches, participate in rescue training, conduct, and assist in MSC Ocean Cay Marine Reserve Excursions, contribute to maintenance, upkeep and island duties.


•Trained and qualified by reputable Lifeguard Training Organization.

•High School Graduate.

•Valid First Aid Certificate

•Fluent English verbal and written. Knowledge of any other core language is an advantage.

•Substantial documented experience in a Lifeguard position.

•Valid current documentation certifying the health and fitness of the applicant meets all requirements for Ocean Cay personnel based on MSC Ocean Cay Marine Reserve. Verification that all precautions have been taken against diseases (vaccinations) that may be endemic to the area.

•Right to work and live in the Bahamas.

•Current Bahamian Police Character Certificate or equivalent from country of residence.

•Dependability – reliable, responsible, and dependable, ability to fulfil work obligations.

•Integrity – honest and ethical.

•Cooperation – respectful and pleasant with others on the job. Display a good-natured, cooperative attitude.

•Self-Control – Maintaining composure, keeping emotions in check, controlling anger, and avoiding aggressive behavior, even in very difficult situations.

•Safety Conscious – Awareness of hazards and alertness to danger.

•Must be able to swim 300 yards continuously. Tread water for 2 minutes using only legs. Complete a timed swimming event in 1 minute and 40 seconds.

•Must participate in fitness training.

•Read, understand, and implement the MSC Mission Statement.

•Read, understand, and follow Ocean Cay staff regulations and comply accordingly.

•Wear the designated uniform and name badge as specified in Company Standards, complying with regulations relating to tattoos, hair, and body decorations.

•Attend and participate as required in all emergency drills and understand emergency duties.

•You are responsible to keep your workplace, accommodation clean and in order at all time.

•Handwashing before the start of duty and at any time your hands become contaminated – and enforce handwashing throughout the staff mess.•Assist in ensuring and preventing island personnel from carrying cigarettes, cellular telephones, or personal electronic devices at any time while

QUALIFICATIONS (skills, competencies, experience)

•Swimmer Safety: Monitor water conditions, enforcing safety rules and paying close attention to swimmer activities and behaviour.

•Conduct Rescue Operations: Rescue swimmers from the water and prevent death or injury. Always monitor swimmers and take necessary steps to remove struggling or drowning swimmers. Communicate the emergency through the correct channels. Begin CPR procedures where necessary.

•Monitor Weather: Monitor weather and water conditions. Communicate through the correct channels if sea conditions or weather events pose any danger to swimmers.

•Excursions: Conduct and assist with MSC Island Excursions.

•Island Duties: Contribute to maintenance, upkeep and island duties.

•Perform any other duty as assigned by supervisor or General Manager.

•Responsible to keep assigned accommodation clean and in general order. Any discrepancy with furniture, cleanliness or maintenance issues must be reported to your supervisor. Failure with above will lead to disciplinary action.