JobName : Maintenance Engineer Trainee
JobSummary : The Maintenance Engineer Trainee is responsible for improving efficiency and increase asset utilization within the GeoMarket or location. The Maintenance Engineer Trainee improves the reliability of the Product Line’s equipment assets within the GeoMarket or location. This person reduces the cost of service delivery (CoSD) for the GeoMarket or location.

AdditionalResponsibilities :

  • Develop a continuous improvement culture, initiatives and improvement plans in the assigned location or GeoMarket to improve asset utilization, reliability and CoSD.
  • Drive continuous improvement efforts to improve asset turnaround time through reduction of assets waiting for maintenance, down for parts or repair authorization number, down for failure and work-in-process.
  • Identify new opportunities and develop business cases for projects pertaining to rework and reuse of parts, service level kits and equipment design improvements.
  • Monitor the quality and completeness of data capture by the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to drive CoSD and reliability analysis.
  • Monitor adherence of projects to improve quality, reliability and CoSD.
  • Participate in failure Investigations as assigned by the Reliability and CoSD or Maintenance Manager.
  • Participate in periodic technical audits and CAT compliance assessments. Follow up on maintenance related remedial action plan closures.