Company: Chickmont Foods Ltd.

Key Results Areas/Main Tasks

  • Assists the Farm Operations/Assistant Farm Operations Manager in developing and deploying maintenance control plans to direct the execution of planned preventive and predictive maintenance activities and initiatives for the Poultry Houses and Supportive equipment
  • Responsible for ensuring that the facility equipment is readily available for production.
  • Responsible for providing management reports on metrics associated with equipment performance on a regular basis.
  • Responsible for supervising and assigning the work of maintenance employees
  • Provides technical assistance and operational support as required, specifically with respect to environmental conditions, energy utilization, and the basic functions of electrical, air handling, power generation and distribution, structural and mechanical systems
  • Cooperates and collaborates with peers and all staff in determining plant engineering, maintenance, or repairs priorities
  • Ensuring adherence to various governmental laws, codes, regulations, and insurance standards, as related to maintenance of equipment and facilities
  • Ensuring the management and maintenance of optimal levels of spare parts so that the operational facility does not suffer from work stoppage due to parts
  • Assists the Farm Operations/Assistant Farm Operations Manager in ensuring all equipment is upgraded to meet or exceed all standards
  • Overseeing the installation, removal, or movement of all machinery and equipment
  • Completion of required operations checklists
  • Preparation of Poultry Houses for incoming Layers
  • Management of parts inventory and associated documentation
  • Operation and Maintenance of Manure Extraction System

Job Requirements General

  • Personal Vehicle
  • Availability to work on ALL Public Holidays
  • Availability to execute overtime and work on weekends
  • Response to unexpected equipment failures and callouts as scheduled
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills required
  • Knowledge of budgeting and ability to create and manage to an approved budget
  • Ability to manage personnel and bring out the best, through motivation, leadership and by example

Skills and Education

  • Must possess a technical degree or proven experience and be thoroughly familiar with all aspects of maintenance management
  • 5 years of on the job experience in a maintenance functional role involving exposure to equipment, facility, safety and OSHA requirements
  • Must be qualified and skilled in primarily Mechanical Maintenance, as well as Electrical Maintenance
  • An Associate Degree or Certificate in Maintenance, Mechanics and related fields from a reputable body
  • A Certificate in Plumbing, Welding from a reputable body
  • Passes in at least 3 CXC subjects including English and Mathematics

People Management

  • Manages, motivates, and monitors the performance of the Maintenance Technicians
  • Actively participates in the recruitment process for team members by identifying staffing needs and shorting potential candidates by utilizing the company’s HRIS (BambooHR) or any other suitable resource
  • Identifies candidates that are not performing to the expected standards of the company and recommend what steps should be taken, up to and including dismissal, if deemed necessary
  • Manages the performance management process within the department by providing continuous and constructive feedback, keeping communication lines open, providing clarification of expectations and identifying areas for improvement
  • To ensure that department goals are clear and in alignment with company objectives
  • Actively coaches the team member’s potential and growth, help them to develop new skills and to aid in promoting individual responsibility
  • Conduct annual performance appraisals for staff, ensuring that the process is fair, free of biases, accurate, and promotes the overall purpose of the performance management system as guided by Plant Manager
  • Liaise with internal customers as it relates to requirements and internal customer complaints
  • Able to access and identify department conflicts and infractions against company policies / procedures, and understands how, when and what form of disciplinary action should be taken
  • Plan and execute frequent team building activities, in an effort to maintain the momentum and productivity of all staff within the Maintenance department

Training and Development

  • Identifies and conducts assessments to determine what training needs are required for the Maintenance team members within the department to increase job knowledge
  • Recommends and assists with the creation and implementation of training plans, based on team members gaps and needs
  • Liaise with the Human Resources – Training and Culture Development team to support the department’s development objectives and ensure staff are equipped with the necessary tools and materials to effectively execute their daily tasks