Is responsible for triaging emergencies, responding to the scene of medical incidents, and providing immediate care whenever needed.


Patient Care:

• Answers emergency calls promptly and appropriately.

• Responds to the scene of all emergencies expediently and in accordance with current policies, procedures, and guidelines.

• Dynamically assesses and manages the incident scene, ensuring safety until a team leader is established.

• Performs prompt and effective first response, triage, stabilization, optimal patient package and transfer as required.

• Expediently performs appropriate triage during routine and emergent visits to the medical centre.

• Performs first line investigations and delivers immediate treatments as appropriate.

• Escalates patient cases of concern to the Doctor as required.

• Operates within company protocols, recognizing the limits of his or her own abilities and initiating measures to augment the emergency response when appropriate.

• Provides high-level, evidence-based patient care in accordance with current guidelines and doctor’s orders.

• Competently administers and dispenses medication, always ensuring clinical safety and compliance with medicines management practices.

• Records patient care documentation that is concise, timely, and complete.

• Is knowledgeable of all patient care equipment, utilizing it safely and appropriately.

• Listens attentively, is respectful and considerate, and uses non-technical language when communicating with patients and their families.

Professional Responsibilities:

• Recognizes and demonstrates the importance of equality, diversity, and inclusion in all interactions.

• Actively participates in departmental and other appropriate meetings.

• Actively participates in professional development and competency programs, analyses own learning needs, and uses information technology to aid self-learning.

• Develops a personal learning plan and maintains a professional development record.

• Participates in regular appraisal.

• Regularly participates in teaching and training of non-medical staff as needed.

• Actively participates in the delivery of preventative health programs.

• Assists the Doctor in maintaining pharmacy stock and supply inventory control.

Safety and Compliance:

• Always complies with relevant governmental regulations, Company policies and procedures.

• Participates as needed in the maintenance and repair of medical equipment.

• Adheres to the guidelines, policies, and principles of his or her applicable professional registration body.

• Complies with all patient safety conventions, including infection control

QUALIFICATIONS (skills, competencies, experience)

Educated to diploma level in Paramedicine or equivalent experience

ALS/ACLS provider, holding certification and with experience in practice

Minimum C1 English, both conversational and technical

Experience in dealing with a diverse range of people in a customer/patient environment

2 years post registration experience in clinical practice

Up-to-date continuing professional development portfolio

Demonstrate a high level of professionalism, experience and accountability

Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing

Ability to work under pressure with minimum supervision

IT Literate

PALS/APLS or equivalent

ATLS/ITLS or equivalent

Educated to degree level in Paramedicine

Experience of supervision and mentorship of a range of staff in a relevant clinical setting

Experience using electronic health records