Job Summary:

  • Performs maintenance checks on Terminal facilities and performs basic maintenance work where necessary
  • Inspects floating and fixed roof on tanks for abnormal conditions and repairs
  • Maintains PV Vents, Fire Bank Bleeds to ensure functionality
  • Installs portable pumping equipment as required by operations
  • Responds and assists in the containment of oil spills in land and water ways and attends to any emergent HSSE issues
  • Maintains housekeeping on Pump Houses according to HSSE requirements and standards
  • Maintains inventory to ensure optimum level of additives for continuity of cargo operations
  • Draws samples from tanks, vessel compartments, pipelines, pumps and oily water separator outlets and delivers to Laboratory for testing in a timely manner
  • Draws samples for the Independent Inspectors as required
  • Delivers and adds dyes and additives to vessels and shore tanks
  • Measures and records temperature, tank gauges and water levels on crude and product tanks
  • Carries out tank dips for loading maximum cargoes to vessels and checks tank dips to verify accuracy of automatic gauge
  • Carries out line settings of filling and transfer systems for crude and product operation
  • Records dips and crude and product operation in daily log sheets
  • Operates motors and pumps
  • Measures and records parameters of the equipment and reports any abnormal values
  • Prepares cargo tanks, including bleeding tanks prior to delivery to vessels
  • Maintains Bond terminal records as directed, coalesces and filter records, Road Tank wagon records and calibration certificates
  • Undertakes any other assignments required from time to time, to fulfill the job purpose

Qualifications & Experience

  • Technician Diploma and/ or Certificate in Process Plant Operations
  • Two (2) years relevant experience in Terminal Operations environment