JOB PURPOSE To assist in implementing the communications strategies based on policies related to the functions of The Governor-General. The incumbent ensures appropriate coverage and exposure of The Governor-General’s activities to the people of Jamaica, consistent with the requirements of The Constitution , and the responsibilities of the Office of The Governor-General (“ the Office” ). He or she is responsible for speaking to, and interacting with the media, stakeholders and special interest groups on behalf of the Office, as well as preparing and/or overseeing the writing of speeches, messages, public statements, fact sheets, press releases, and other types of materials. The incumbent develops and maintains working relationships with members of the media and serves as a liaison between them. He or she responds to questions from the media and the general public while coordinating the distribution of information from the Office. The Public Relations Manager achieves the above by being supportive of “ A culture of excellence through people performance and partnerships ”, coupled with staff motivation and commitment as well as high levels of accountability and responsibility. KEY OUTPUTS Valid contribution to the Strategic/Business and Operational Plans. Sound, timely advice provided, based on appropriate research and emerging trends. Speeches, reports, briefs and press releases are written according to the standards required by the position. They are fair, balanced, accurate and presented within agreed and established time frames. Coverage and exposure of The Governor-General’s activities is appropriate and timely; information distributed and/or circulated is factual and sets the right tone. Effective working relationship established with the media, stakeholders, heads of Public Sector Organizations, external associates, and the general public. Is cordial and respectful when sharing or disseminating information. Tours of King’s House organized and conducted. Research conducted and information provided. Photographs taken. Media archive maintained. Media support provided. Media advisories and news releases prepared and distributed. Messages on behalf of The Governor-General drafted. Requests for autographs and photographs responded to. Liaison with the Jamaica Information Service maintained. KEY AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITIES Technical/Professional Responsibilities Collaborates with the Press Secretary, in consultation with the Governor-General ’s Secretary, and the Deputy Governor-General’s Secretary (Private), to review the effectiveness of existing strategies to disseminate information on the activities of The Governor-General in Jamaica and abroad. Assists in shaping the overall communications procedures in realization of these strategies and policies, especially with regard to the role and function of The Governor-General’s activities and responsibilities. Articulates The Governor-General’s Agenda to the media, stakeholders and special interest groups. Assists with coordination of the implementation of public and media relations programmes for The Governor-General, targeting special interest groups. Drafts speeches, messages, public statements, fact sheets, brochures and written materials for the media. Assists the Press Secretary to plan and organize news conferences, media briefings and other activities. Distributes information, press releases and other pertinent information. Monitors media publicity in relation to The Governor-General, and those programmes and initiatives with which The Governor-General is closely identified. Reviews the opinions and comments expressed by the general public on the image of the Office of The Governor-General and The Governor-General, and brings this to the attention of the Press Secretary. Performs a ny other job-related functions as assigned by the Press Secretary. Human Resource Responsibilities Oversees the preparation of the Work Plan and supervises the work of the Public Relations Officer. Conducts performance evaluation for direct report. Other Responsibilities Deputises for the Press Secretary as required. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS Reports are received according to agreed schedules with verifiable data. Speeches, reports, briefs and press releases are written to the standard of the Office. Feedback to the Office, and directly to The Governor-General with respect to coverage and exposure of The Governor-General’s activities, is generally positive. Advice given is proven to be based on sound data and reliable information. A positive and cordial working relationship with the media, stakeholders, heads of Public Sector Organizations, external associates and the general public is seen to exist. Confidentiality, integrity and professionalism are presented at all times, in personal conduct and the execution of duties. REQUIRED COMPETENCIES Knowledge of the Jamaican Public Service, and familiarity with the characteristics of its governance and management. Thorough knowledge and understanding of related Government of Jamaica policies. Solid knowledge in the use of all types of media including: print, electronic and (on-line) social media. Strong knowledge of the Jamaican media landscape in order to understand influences and keep abreast of changes and trends. Strong work ethic. Exceptional communication and writing skills. Able to work independently and as part of a team. Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and related software. Highly organized and demonstrates initiative. Communicates easily and is a team builder. Able to think quickly, use sound judgement, and make decisions rationally and decisively. Excellent interpersonal skills. Able to interact professionally with all types and levels of persons. Confident and shows respect when dealing with internal and external customers. MINIMUM REQUIRED EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE An Undergraduate Degree in Mass Communications OR equivalent from a recognized tertiary institution with three (3) to Five (5) years of progressively responsible Journalism and/or Public Relations Experience. SPECIAL CONDITIONS ASSOCIATED WITH THE JOB This is an office environment with no adverse working conditions; however, the Public Relations Manager is expected to take a non-traditional approach to working hours. This means that he or she can work ten (10) to twelve (12) hour days, weekends, nights, and public holidays due to the requirements of the Office. There can be enormous pressure when managing the deliverables and other requirements of the position. Travelling is required across the fourteen (14) Parishes of Jamaica AUTHORITY TO: Maintain collaboration with related internal and external stakeholders