Job DescriptionThe Host Organization, ASOPROAVIN, is located in the municipality of Vicente Noble, province of Barahona. It is a group of over 120 agricultural producers, of which approximately 20 are female, and mainly produce various varieties of plantain and bananas. ASOPROAVIN is one of the few existing producer organizations in the province, located in one of the most economically disadvantaged areas of the country. Due to the reoccurrence of prolonged periods of drought affecting Dominican farmers every year, the efficient use of the water resources is an increasingly critical factor with regards to the sustainability of the local farming systems. Objective of the assignment: To enhance ASOPROAVIN’s capabilities by training their farmers on efficient irrigation practices. Ensuring resilient management practices for their farming systems. Expected volunteer derivable: Help plan efficient irrigation systems by outlining their layouts, equipment, and operational requirements. Training on good management practices for irrigation systems. Provide guidelines for equipment procurement and maintenance. Provide educational materials, manuals, or resources related to the establishment and management of efficient irrigation systems. How it fits into RAA: Efficient irrigation systems are a key component of Climate-Smart Agriculture. Establishing these systems contributes to agricultural resilience by ensuring a reliable and consistent supply of water for smallholding farmers. This practice also improves the correct use of water by minimizing wastage and contamination. Lastly, it creates opportunities for intensification for ASOPROAVIN.