We are looking for a curious and organized engineer to be a part of the development of operations flows, systems optimization, and physical product pathways.


We build sustainable and valuable fashion brands with our proprietary cloud-based technology and services platform, create.ONE. We want to be the canvas upon which the future of this industry will be painted. We want to be its operating system. We want to reimagine it and rebuild it be its driver for the next decade and beyond. In short, we want to build something really fucking big.

Want to know more? Visit our website or and read recent articles about us. Don’t believe we can do this? Check out this video. Want even more? Here’s a detailed FAQ. Pro tip: If you want to join us, we’ll expect you to have done some research.


You want to DO SOMETHING REALLY FUCKING BIG with your career, with your life, with the impact you make on this planet.


  • English at least 60%
  • Industrial engineering degree
  • 3 or 4 years apparel experience.
  • Methods & Time study knowledge / experience.
  • Highly analytical and data driven
  • High attention to detail
  • Modular workflow(Line Balancing) and line layout experience.
  • Product construction experience.
  • Incentive based payroll knowledge.
  • Lean Manufacturing green belt / continuous improvement
  • Database experience.
  • Proficiency using Microsoft Office (Excel or google spreadsheet high level skills.)
  • AAMT training experience.(How to train sewing operator)
  • GSD certificate
  • CAD 2 experience would be a plus.
  • Specific application experience: Coda, AirTable, Flowmap, Miro or similar apps like Craft, Notion, is a plus.


We offer all labor-related benefits and a competitive salary – we’ll pay you based on what you have done in the past and what you can do for us in the future.

The biggest benefit is that you will get to join Resonance, a platform to attract the best and the brightest inside and outside of the fashion industry who share the passion to change it and courage to do something really fucking big! This shared umbrella of resources and vision will provide individual opportunities for everyone who joins our team – an equal opportunity to start a brand, create a service company, build a technology company or anything else that leverages our core assets. We have committed to every member of Resonance today and every member who joins in the future, that they will be owners of Resonance and that they will each have the equal opportunity to build something really fucking big on our platform that they can own directly too if they have the ambition and have proved that they have abilities to do so.