Athenaworks was founded to create a culture of empowerment, diversity, and equality for technologists everywhere. A culture where everyone is safe and empowered with the freedom, flexibility, and support to create best-in-class solutions in an unfettered way. Our founders believe that the only way to achieve balanced, fair, and open teams is to make it part of the way we do business each day. So, our socially conscious business model is based on an environment for all that embraces, encourages, and empowers each team member through an approach that emphasizes equal access, equal pay, equal opportunity on a global level playing field that has no ceiling on advancement. And to do this we need exceptional people that will represent us, themselves, and our mission through great code/product/design with our startup clients. Presently we are looking for a Ssr Data Engineer to work remotely with our team on our latest project.

This position requires:

  • You can write complex analytical SQL queries.
  • You worked with OLTP databases, and OLAP.
  • You have coding skills in Scala or Java (and you know how to prompt ChatGPT to code Python for you).
  • You have experience with Apache Spark.

And nice to have some experience in any of the following:

  • Workflow/Orchestration tools like: Apache Airflow, Luigi, AWS Step Functions, AWS Data Pipelines, …
  • Serverless technologies like: AWS Lambda, AWS ECS/Fargate, AWS CloudWatch Events, AWS Event Bridge.
  • Messaging tools like: AWS SQS, AWS Kinesis, Kafka
  • You have some experience with data lakes.

Big Plus: if you have experience with Postgres, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Redshift and Clickhouse.

Huge plus: You maintained ML models on Production and/or applied MLOps practices.

Your Responsibilities:

  • You will be part of the data squad, contributing to building new and exciting data-centric products and delivering value to our customers every two weeks.
  • You will collaborate closely with other engineers and team members.
  • You will coach and mentor other non-data engineers on Data Engineering practices.
  • You will play an active role in designing and improving our Data Strategy by participating in the design, implementation, and execution of our Data Platform.
  • You will develop and maintain robust and scalable data pipelines to extract, transform, and load (ETL) data.
  • You will develop and maintain interactive and user-friendly dashboards, charts, reports, and data visualizations.
  • You will perform data quality assessments and ensure data accuracy and integrity.
  • You will contribute to the codebase with scalable, high-quality code and deliver solid coverage with automated tests.
  • You will ensure availability and maintainability of our platform by evolving our architecture, tech stack, documentation, participating in code reviews, refactoring, and improving integration and delivery systems.

A happy team makes a huge difference, that’s why we provide:

  • Payment in USD or in your local currency
  • A truly flexible work schedule
  • Holiday and performance bonuses
  • An excellent paid time off policy
  • 4 free Udemy courses a year
  • Home exercise & wellness membership
  • An opportunity for you to help create change in the industry.
  • And more!

ATHENAWORKS is an inclusive safe organization that only considers your technical ability, work experience, ability to collaborate, your capacity to grow to the next level of your career, and ability to deliver great work. This means that we also embrace/welcome self-taught people as well! We will NEVER consider any other personal or professional aspects of your life. We hope that you choose to have a conversation with us today and find out what makes us different from any company that you have experienced.