JSC told many public-sector posts unfilled

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There is almost a 45-50 per cent vacancy pool at the regional corporations that need to be filled.

This disclosure was made today at the Joint Select Committee (JSC) meeting on the Miscellaneous Provisions (Local Government Reform) Bill, 2019, held at Parliament in Port of Spain.

Concerns were raised about employment, promotions and appraisals of various offices in the public service and at regional corporations.

The committee heard that critical vacancies within the regional corporations are being looked at. Technical vacancies, such as engineers, are proving a challenge because of the requirements.

JSC member Deoroop Teemul said, “In previous engagements with the corporations, the committee was informed of several situations regarding the inordinate delays in appointments of present vacancies.”

The committee he said, is concerned with the challenges that exist for present vacancies and the effectiveness and the time frame to hire additional staff.

Acting director of personnel administration at the Service Commissions Department (SCD) Debra Parkinson, said, “Vacancies are filled in a timely manner. However, the SCD is not privy to the recent performance appraisals in some cases.”

She said this was being experienced within the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government.

“The most recent performance appraisals are not available in order to make recommendations for promotions.”

To counter this challenge, the SCD, she said, “has appointed or promoted persons, subject to receipt of their appraisals and feedback from their delegated authorities.

“The appraisals are important to ensure that the regulations of the commission are fulfilled.”

The SCD has the remit of only some regional corporations. They are Chaguanas, Diego Martin, San Juan/Laventille, Tunapuna/Piarco, Sangre Grande, Rio Claro, Princes Town, Couva/Tabquite/Talparo, Penal/Debe and Siparia.

Statutory Authorities Service Commission executive officer Utra Ali, said the commission has been successful in collecting performance appraisals from the bodies it oversees.

“There are almost 300 vacancies that should be filled by the end of 2019.”

JSC member Dr Surujrattan Rambachan questioned the mechanism for appointments, saying the performances at the corporations left much to be desired.

“Is that we are promoting incompetence?

“There is a disconnect with the performance appraisals and the appointments.”

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