5 Things You Need to Know About Recruitment Agencies

When you are job hunting, you may consider registering your resume with a recruitment agency. If you decide to go along this route, here are five things you need to know to make the most of the services they can provide.

Job placement is free for candidates

Recruitment agencies are paid by the hiring company when they successfully fill a position. As a candidate, you should not be charged a fee to have your resume registered or put forward to hiring managers. Some reputable agencies offer additional services for which they charge, such as career counseling. Be aware that paying to use these services will not make the agency any more likely to put your application forward for a vacancy. They will only pass your resume on if you are a good fit for the role.

Not all jobs are advertised

Companies may use an agency to recruit quickly or without publicity. This means that some positions are filled without ever being advertised. If your resume is registered on their database, the recruitment agency will consider you for suitable roles as they arise.

Multiple registrations increase your visibility

Registering with only one recruitment agency limits your job search to their customer base. In addition, agencies often have a rule whereby they will only put candidates forward for one position at a time. This may mean that other roles are filled whilst your resume sits on the desk of a busy hiring manager. Registering with more than one agency widens the pool of vacancies and keeps your resume active.

Recruitment agencies have inside knowledge

 If you are offered an interview, you can get useful background information on the company and the available position from the recruitment agency. They are likely to have a good understanding of the company requirements and preferences. They will also be able to describe the format of the interview. Listen to any advice and guidance that the recruiter provides. It will be useful preparation for the interview.

The hiring company is the agency’s priority

The remit of recruitment agencies is to find suitable candidates for vacant roles placed with them by their customers. You will only be of interest to the agency if you tick the right boxes for a position that they are actively working. Otherwise, your resume will simply sit on their database until the next suitable vacancy arises.

Do not sit back and wait for a recruitment agency to find your next job. Whilst they can provide useful connections, they are not a guaranteed route to employment.

Lynne MacDonald is a freelance writer with qualifications and experience in the fields of Human Resource Management, Training, Organisational Development, and Executive Coaching. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development.

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