Kill it in the interview

An interview is the doorway into a company, but you need to be well-prepared to pull it off and land a job offer.

Here are some Compass Career Guide tips on interviews:

Do your research
Find out everything you can in advance about the company you are applying to work with and have a firm grasp of the position for which you are interviewing.

Dress appropriately
Use your judgement according to the job, but for office-based vacancies make sure to dress in attire expected for such positions. For outdoor-based jobs, it’s still best to wear smart clothing to the interview.

Body art
Cayman is a conservative island, so be mindful of having tattoos and body piercings on display. Not all employers will allow, or welcome, this type of body art.

Arrive early
Always arrive a few minutes before the appointed time for your interview. Not only does this create a good impression of your reliability, but it gives you a chance to observe a little of the company operations.

Be confident
Shake hands with a firm grip and look your interviewer/s in the eye, speaking clearly and calmly.

Be polite & friendly
If you are new to the company, you likely don’t know who is who, so make sure to be friendly to everybody you encounter; they might be a member of your interview panel.

Silence your phone
Don’t forget to switch your phone to silent mode before entering the building. Call or text alerts are unlikely to go down well with your interviewers.

Social media sense
Employers almost always check out online profiles of potential candidates, so be mindful of what you post on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. Keep it clean.

Tricky questions
You might be asked about your salary expectations or why you are leaving your current job. Think through your answers before the interview, so that you know what to say. New opportunities, challenges and growth are good reasons to give for looking for a new job.

State your strengths
Outline all that you have achieved in past positions and how your skills and experience can fit the into the role, as well as the ways in which your personality can match the company culture.

Work samples
For some jobs, you could take along work samples, or at least supply links to your online portfolio, or examples of projects you’ve worked on.

If you already work for the company but are interviewing for a promotion, prepare along the same lines as if you are applying to a new company. Being an existing employee doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the job. Demonstrate how much you have benefitted the business and how you can continue to help it grow.

Internet interviews
These days, it’s becoming common to have an online interview via Skype, WhatsApp or other video-calling platforms. Make sure to find a quiet place for the occasion.

Say thank you
After the interview, send a short email to thank the HR contact/interviewer for the opportunity. Let them know you are available should they need further information.

Practice makes perfect
Act out the interview with a friend, beforehand. The more you practise, the more confident you should become.

Best of luck!

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