Make it with a mentor

These are several programmes set up specifically to help young Caymanians:

Cayman Finance

Cayman Finance offers the Student Education and Work Experience Programme, which creates pathways for talented, young Caymanians into the financial services industry.

This is a public-private partnership between Cayman Finance, the Ministry of Financial Services and Home Affairs, and the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, Agriculture and Lands.

Each year, the programme accepts approximately 50 high school students, who benefit from one-on-one mentoring from professionals working within the financial services industry over the course of eight to 10 weeks. During this time, they also are educated by industry specialists at workshops. They also gain valuable hands-on experience from a four-week placement at a Cayman Finance member organisation. More than 300 Caymanian students have benefitted from the programme.
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Healthcare Explorers

For students interested in pursuing a career in the medical profession, Health City’s Healthcare Explorers programme offers many free educational opportunities at its state-of-the-art medical facility.

To date, more than 5,000 students have benefitted from the programme, which is run during the school term as well as the summer months.

The programme is separated into three categories: Junior Explorers (8 to 12-years-old), which includes essay competitions, STEM day camp, career fairs, video submissions, kid reporter interviews, and literary promotion; Senior Explorers (13 to 17-years-old), which includes career fairs, webinars, field trips, work experience placements, shadowing a doctor, and CIFEC internship placements; and University Explorers (17 and older), which offers two fellowships (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship and Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty Narayana Fellowship), apprenticeships, receptions and town hall meetings, and clinical rotations via the UCCI School of Nursing programme.
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Aim Higher

Now in its sixth year, Aim Higher is a school-based mentoring programme that offers trained support and advice to 40 selected students enrolled at John Gray High School. The programme is designed for those who need help achieving their potential, with the goal being to help students map out their career paths and further their educational opportunities.

Mentors from the professional community visit the school once a week at lunchtime from September to May/June with extra times arranged to accommodate workplace visits, off-site lunches, and places the student has an expressed interest in, and where the mentor has contacts. Aim Higher also provides skills-based workshops to students in areas including exam preparation and job interview skills. Students at John Gray should talk to their teachers about the programme at the beginning
of the academic year.
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CASE mentorship

The Cayman Association of Architects, Surveyors and Engineers (CASE) Mentoring Programme is designed to interest, attract and assist young Caymanians. The aim is to help students develop themselves and their professional careers in architecture, surveying or engineering. Becoming a professional in the construction industry is challenging yet the rewards, achievements, quality of life and international recognition well-compensate.

One of the major roles of the programme is to provide encouragement and guidance for students to identify the questions to ask, and the considerations to make, in choosing the most appropriate tertiary educational programme to lead to internationally recognised professional standing and membership. Following a series of presentations to high schools and colleges, motivated students are invited to apply through their careers guidance officer to enter the CASE programme.

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