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Top 10 Skills to Highlight in Your Resume

Top 10 Skills to Highlight in Your Resume

When it comes to finding your dream job, your resume needs be as close to perfection as possible since you will be competing against hundreds of other candidates. In order to be attractive as an employee to companies, you need to demonstrate you have the necessary skills that prove you’ll be an asset to their company. Our team here at have pulled together a list of the most important types of skills you need to have on your resume. So here we go…

1. Technological Skills

It’s great that you’ve used MS Word or Excel before, or any other basic software for that matter, and you should include it on your resume. However, lots of people know how to use the common software. If you’re a power user or have more experience, make sure to list out additional details in order to stand out to employers. For example, make sure to include things like setting up templates, pivot tables, mail merge in MS Word, macros, if you know how! If you have a thorough understanding of any other software packages that is relevant to the position you’re applying for, you should include it. Having an understanding of things such as coding can also make you highly appealing as a candidate.

2. Leadership

Companies want to hire people with confidence. Even if you haven’t had any management experience in terms of job title, you can still have leadership to present on your resume. Think about times you’ve spoken up in and helped make decisions for the better in past job positions. If you’re applying for a leadership position, you need to show that you’re up to the task.

3. Languages

Many people like to tout their communication skills on their resume, but if you speak more than one language, you’ll have an immediate leg-up. Speaking widely-spoken languages like Spanish or Chinese could make you highly desirable for employers. They could use your skills for communicating with international businesses. You could also find jobs outside of your home country thanks to your multilingual skills.

4. Math Skills

Smart business decisions often come down to numbers. Having a thorough understanding of complex math concepts can make a huge difference. You shouldn’t just put “good at math” on your resume. Instead, you should show your qualifications, such as a college or graduate level degree. Give examples of how your math expertise helped to make a positive difference for employers in the past as well.

5. Teamwork

Employers aren’t just interested in your skills, they’re also interested in how you use those skills with others. Teamwork is essential in order for a company to function properly. On your resume, you should include examples of times you’ve worked with others to achieve success. This could include projects or group efforts in order to solve a problem. By showing that you’re a team player, you’re showing employers that you can be trusted and may be a good fit for their company.

6. Writing

In order to communicate properly with others, businesses need to have strong writers on staff. If you’re able to write efficiently, you could be great for things like writing press releases and correspondences with other professionals. Give examples of things you’ve written that made a positive difference for others. Your resume should also be repeatedly checked for proper grammar and spelling, to further drive home how good of a writer you are.

7. Marketing

Part of a business’ success hinges on their ability to get their message out, through means such as advertising and other promotions. If you have proven marketing skills, you should include it on your resume. Speak about how your marketing skills have been used to get the word out about previous businesses you’ve worked for. The most innovative campaigns you’ve taken part in should be given the most emphasis on your resume.

8. Problem Solving

A desirable employee isn’t one who avoids problems completely. That would be impossible. Instead, they’re able to deal with problems head-on and in a logical way. Your resume should include examples of times you were confronted with a problem and what you did to solve it. Show how you came to your decision and the long-term effects that it had for the company.

9. Web Design

It’s essential for any company to have a strong website in order to be viable. If you have experience with designing websites, then you need to emphasize this as much as possible. On a resume, include names of websites you’ve helped to design. Talk about what sort of things are important to you in terms of web design and how they would be helpful for the company.

10. Budgeting

Companies need people who can handle their money properly. If you have successfully run a budget for a business that helped save money for them, you want to include this on your resume. Show specifically, but succinctly, the matters of how much money you saved them and the difference it made in the long-term.

The perfect resume isn’t something you make on your first try. It requires plenty of drafting of different versions to determine your best qualities. In order to have a great resume, you want to have great resume skills. These skills can make you indispensable as a candidate for employment and help you land your dream job.

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